National Systems America Telecommunications Services

The fast pace and global reach of the telecommunications industry requires companies to continually innovate while managing costs at the same time. National Systems America has expertise in telecommunications, speech and web technologies. We are dedicated to reducing the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying voice enabled IVR & CTI solutions. The primary focus of our telecommunication division centers around IVR and CTI integration with state of the art technologies such as VoiceXML, Speech Recognition, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Call Center Deployments.

Why National Systems America telecommunication services:

  • Experience deploying, Genesys, Avaya, Cisco and Intervoice’s Self Service and Call Center solutions.
  • We build customized solutions using Voice User Interfaces (VUI), speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, Call Center Routing Strategies, Scripts etc.
  • Experts in developing Speech applications, providing CTI Solutions for Call centers, and supporting the solutions from end to end.
  • Proven experience with architecture, design, installation, configuration, fine tuning, troubleshooting and upgrading of Cisco UCCE components , Genesys Framework Components and Avaya IR components.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) involves seamless integration of TDM and IP telephony hardware/software, computers, and companies’ software applications.
  • CTI solutions allow real-time caller identification and qualification which is accomplished typically by ANI (Caller ID) or DNIS (the number being called). In cases where these features are not available, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System may be used to identify the caller by having them enter a customer number, social security number, etc.

How clients benefit:

  • Improved system performance and utilization
  • Allow client to focus on the business – not on issues
  • Immediate access to PeopleSoft expertise
  • Avoid the need to hire or train staff
  • Cost savings on additional hardware investments and staffing
  • Easy installation and rapid deployment

Our Expertise with Technology Vendors Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Intervoice & IBM

  • Genesys
    • TDM Voice (Traditional) –  IP Voice – Self Service
    • CIM Platform
    • CME  Installation & Configuration
    • URS – Universal Routing Server
    • T- Server, I Server – IVR  Interfaces
    • IRDesigner – Routing logic and scripts
    • E-mail, Web Chat, Infomart & Reporting
  • CISCO Components
    • UCCE – Call Center End to End solutions
    • CVP – Inbound & Outbound Applications
    • Call Manager – IP Switching
    • ICM – Routing Scripts
    • Cisco Agent Desk top
    • Cisco Unity – Call recording
    • Verint Call Recording, Reader Boards, E-mail, Web Chat Licensing, High Availability, Reporting
  • Intervoice
    • Invision Studio
    • Speech & TTS – Self Service
    • VXML
    • Management Layer
    • Reporting
  • Avaya
    • Dialog Designer & IR
  • IBM
    • Websphere Voice (WVS)
  • Nuance
    • Speech Recognition (ASR/OSR)
    • Text To Speech – Speechify, Realspeak
  • Server Side Development
    • Java/ .NET
    • JSP, ASP, PHP, Perl Dyanmic VXML Generation
    • J2EE Frame work VXML development