Big Data and Analytics

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Big Data and Analytics


Big Data and Analytics, is the new technology trend disrupting many of the established traditional norms in IT and Business practices around industries. World in general is at the verge of moving away from pure Information based Society to a more Connected Society. With the rise in Social Media, Cloud and Mobile, we are collecting more data than ever in the history of digital economy. In fact the global data is doubling in volume every other year and the need to ingest, process and derive actionable insight from this enormous but valuable datasets is the need of the hour for many businesses around. Be it financial, retail, and healthcare or government, data is the new oil of this century. That is where Big Data and Analytics has been the driving force to minimize some of the major pains in traditional data storage, processing and Analytics.

The new Big Data Technology is revolutionary in its approach and above all it is open source and addresses some of the most common pitfalls of traditional IT Infrastructure.

Here are few key Capabilities that Big Data Technology promises to disrupt 

  1. From monolithic/Enterprise data storage -> to distributed commodity hardware based storage
  2. From a scale up processing model -> to massively parallel scale out Processing paradigm
  3. From being restricted to Structured data -> to consuming and analyzing un-structured/Semi-structured data ingestion and consumption
  4. From Batch processing -> to Near Real Time(NRT) and Real time processing
  5. From post-facto/ backend mirror view of data -> to predictive and prescriptive analytics
  6. From pure data accumulation -> derive actionable insight and monetizing the data

Given this premise, NSI is embarking upon building this new Big Data and Analytics practice solely focused on delivering value based offerings in following areas to our valued clients

  1. Big Data feasibility Assessment
  2. Big Data Architecture and Solution services
  3. Big Data and Analytics Consulting services
  4. Small to large Big data project deliveries
  5. Proof Of Concepts (POC) in our in-house Big data Lab
  6. Staff augmentation for Big Data and analytics projects


We provide Technology Support and expertise in the following Big Data Technology space

  • Hadoop Eco system Tech stack (HDFS/Map Reduce/ Pig / Hive/ Flume/sqoop)
  • Map Reduce / Apache Spark
  • No SQL databases (HBase/Cassandra/Mongo DB)
  • Data science and Advance Analytics (R, Python and MLLib)