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National Systems America Cloud Computing Services.

The flexibility and cost savings of cloud computing are just a few of the reasons more CIO’s are making cloud technology a priority. The on-demand delivery of IT applications and pay as you go pricing is attractive for companies small and large. Cloud applications and infrastructures can also free up IT teams to focus on core business functions without having to spend time on maintenance and support of on-premise applications.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Trade capital expense for operating expense with a predictable monthly fee
  • Benefit from higher economies of scale which translates to lower cost
  • Flexible capacity that can easily scale to fit your changing demands
  • Increase speed and agility
  • Reduce time and resources spent on maintaining applications and data centers

For nearly 20 years, National Systems America has been a step ahead in keeping up with ever changing cloud technologies. We provide high-quality and cost-effective IT consulting, staff augmentation and project management solutions that enable our clients to respond to rapidly evolving cloud environments and applications.

National Systems America Cloud Services:

  • SaaS implementations
  • Data migration from existing applications
  • Business productivity and CRM in the cloud
  • Cloud architecture
  • Application integration and database integration
  • Custom application development expertise and offerings:

  • Customize Salesforce to your exact needs so every process and workflow can be tailored using the right data
  • Link solutions to your other critical business systems and suppliers
  • Import data into Salesforce CRM in a format that can be easily used for reporting and decision making
  • Integrate your telephony system with Salesforce CRM to unlock even more efficiency
  • Integrate your marketing campaigns with Salesforce to track click to lead to conversion

Whatever your cloud initiative, National Systems America provides the unique skillsets companies need to deliver quality solutions. We are flexible enough to fulfill the most challenging requirements and committed to doing what’s necessary to go above and beyond.

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Cloud computing diagram

National Systems America Cloud Computing describes the increasing way in which companies are using web based applications to run their business operations online so they don't have to download software or hardware to their own servers. There is a fast move towards SaaS  (Software as a Service). Companies such as are providing essential all-in-one packages which can be integrated seamlessly with other SaaS applications and business critical systems.

The virtualization of online immediate access to server power and technologies means that even small businesses can now operate using the same platforms, which historically would only have been available to multi-national corporations.

National Systems America Cloud Services
No software to install so you can be up and running quickly

No internal infrastructure and maintenance costs

  • No software to install so you can be up and running quickly
  • No internal infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • The software is always up-to-date online
  • Integrate seamlessly with other SaaS services to bring the applications you use most into one environment
  • On demand pay as you go pricing
  • Scalable solutions to fit small and large businesses
  • Free up your internal resource to focus on sales, service and innovation